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There is little doubt that Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is one of the most pressing social concerns of our time, yet the misconceptions and prejudices surrounding this phenomenon (actually a related set of phenomena [see below]) conspire to keep SHC shrouded in ignorance. Too often is the sudden bursting into flames and subsequent reduction to cinders of a neighbor or colleague shrugged off as a social faux pas or mere janitorial problem to be (literally) swept under the carpet and later discreetly sifted for jewelry.

The ok city ok research team rejects the prevailing description of SHC as "people simply bursting into flames for no reason." Rather, we began the Elaborate Process by positing that there is a reason, just one that we didn't understand.

In fact, we discovered evidence of a number of factors that could cause an otherwise well-adjusted man or woman to explode into flames. After finding that stress deriving from pet injuries and relationship issues (see Chapter 1: she's literally on fire) appears to play a role in a significant number of suspected cases of SHC, our exploration into these relationship issues (e.g. Do personality disorders make SHC more likely in certain individuals? Are well-meaning friends and family members unwittingly enabling the "escape-from-your-problems-by- bursting-into-flames" mentality?) led us to consider factors such as histrionic personality disorder (Ch.8: skeleton kiss), obsessive-compulsive disorder (Ch.9: self-starter & Ch.10: dume), borderline personality disorder (Ch.5: min & Ch.11: I'll give you money), love (Ch.2: I wanna be your lawyer & Ch.4: ferocious) and fear of commitment (Ch.12 there's nothing I wouldn't do for love I haven't already done for spite) as precursors to a possible manifestation of SHC.

The Elaborate Process investigation yielded evidence that could have profound resonance in other areas of research, most notably the development of a "surveillance theory of love" (see Ch.3: whirlybird) and the (we believe) definitive debunking of the alien abduction hypothesis (see Ch.6: someone's been reading my horoscope). The investigation detailed in Chapter 6 led to the single most surprising finding in the Elaborate Process study, which is that while believing oneself to be persecuted by aliens is indeed a sign of paranoid personality disorder, the disorder itself is probably caused by demon possession. This will be explored in future investigations.

ok city ok: "made by elaborate process"

first collection of results of various investigations conducted by ok city ok at Maison Riviere Laboratory in Kimitsu, Japan.