ok city ok news: September - December 2007

Permanent Bulletin:
ok city ok's 12-song CD made by elaborate process is now available for download via iTunes. All you have to do is push this button:

Or, if you prefer the actual CD itself, it can be purchased through CD Baby for the same ridiculously low price of about 10 bucks.

Greetings, friends of ok city ok.

We are filled with shame. We have been involved in all kinds of foolishness and have little to show for it. We have made a mockery of the entire idea of a "monthly newsletter." Our lives, as Andrew Motion said of Philip Larkin's, have "not been much diversified by event." We drank too much and acted like fools. We mispronounced words and then got surly when we were corrected. We mined biographies we haven't read for quotes about poets we also haven't read. We have not acquitted ourselves well.

Please accept our sincere apologies at Shimo-Kitazawa (Tokyo) Garage on Sunday December 23 at 18:30. We have been kindly invited to open for the SHERROCK's farewell show. This event may sell out (we were told) and we only have a few tickets, so if you want to come, please contact us to reserve a ticket (Y2000 + a drink). (NOTE: This offer of apology expires 19:00 JST December 23, 2007. Void in Michigan and California.)

Irrefutable Proof (Fourth Quarter 2007 edition):

More adventures in self-googling: Mondo Magazine Online (Toronto) posted a kind review of our show there in June, though we didn't know about it until rather a long while afterward. The editors also responded enthusiastically to our offer to write an advice column for them, since we apparently have a knack for talking sense into the noble citizens of Canada. We have since steadfastly failed to follow up on this. We are filled with shame.

Another video from Toronto has surfaced here.

You clamor, ok city ok responds. Audio of an interview recorded for CKLN-FM (in [that's correct] Toronto) is now available, along with more videos, reviews, occasionally posed inquiries and other foolishness, on a handy single page at ok city ok's now-more-bitching information page.

Have we mentioned that our record Made By Elaborate Process is for sale via iTunes and CD Baby? We have?


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