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ok city ok's 12-song CD made by elaborate process is now available for download via iTunes. All you have to do is push this button:

Or, if you prefer the actual CD itself, it can be purchased through CD Baby for the same ridiculously low price of about 10 bucks.

Greetings, friends of ok city ok.

Next show details: May 31 (Sat) Planet K in Kichijoji
open 18:30 start 19:00 (ok city ok starts 21:00 - last, mang)

Y2000 Advance

Y2300 Door (highway robbery)
Please please please come

Kichijoji is on the Chuo Line heading to Mitaka from Shinjuku, or last stop on the Inokashira Line from Shibuya. Directions: Go out the Chuo Exit (not Inokashira Park) and go down Sun Road covered shopping arcade. Take second left and walk past Isetan toward Parco. Club is on right, under Doutour Coffee. Check Planet K's website for a nice map.

Irrefutable Proof (Late May 2008 edition):
The Toronto Sun acknowledged ok city ok's existence
here while transcribing a press release from the North By Northeast Music & Film Festival and Conference (sporadically committed to ampersand usage since 1996). We are pleased to be appearing on June 13 along with Swervedriver, Redd Kross, Evan Dando, Money Mark, and other bands much larger than us.

The Toronto Sun is a UK-style tabloid that features hubba-hubba shots of seminaked local ladies, whom we fully expect to meet during our visit.


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