ok city ok news: July 2008

Permanent Bulletin:
ok city ok's 12-song CD made by elaborate process is now available for download via iTunes. All you have to do is push this button:

Or, if you prefer the actual CD itself, it can be purchased through CD Baby for the same ridiculously low price of about 10 bucks.

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Greetings, friends of ok city ok.

Life moves quickly, unless you're waiting for a delivery. We have returned from Canada already, after our short non-tour of North America. We took part in a variety of activities (see below), all without ever escaping that most cosmopolitan of maladies, jet lag.

But anyway, let's talk about the next show:
July 10 (Thu) 19:30
mona records(Shimo-Kitazawa)
Advance ¥2000 Door ¥2300 (+ drink)
ok city ok starts at like 21:00 (9 in the PM - last).

Following that:
July 27 (Sun) at Turning (Nishi-Ogikubo)
Details forthcoming

Irrefutable Proof of our Existence: North American Edition
NOW Magazine
(Toronto) kindly previewed ok city ok's June 13 appearance here.
ChartAttack (Toronto) published a cool (in the sense of not warm) article about us here.
NOW Magazine reviewed ok city ok's CD made by elaborate process in an inaccurate yet kind way here (to be fair, ok city ok's press materials are a bit opaque).
The Actual Official Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto kindly promoted our show on their Official Website here (scroll down to June 13, if you would).
Thatradio.com interviewed ok city ok on the "air" (meaning, the Internet), which is listenable-to here.
Carlos Weisz documented our existence during the show here.
A YouTube video of part of that show is here.
Two Way Monologues expressed mixed feelings about ok city ok's show here.
NOW Magazine was rather more direct in this live review (proving the old adage that if you are accused of doing an impression of both Joe Jackson and Lenny Kravitz, you are clearly doing something right).

But that is all past. We fondly anticipate laying our suffering eyes on you July 10 at mona records (remember our motto: We hope to see you there). Until then.

ok city ok
Tokyo, Japan

皆さん、こんばんは。ご無沙汰しておりますok city okです。

時はためらうことなく過ぎ去りますね。マルクス(Groucho)の言葉によれば、Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana(時は矢のように速く飛んでいくが、ミバエはむしろバナナが好き)。といえば、ok city okはカナダから帰ってきました。北米での活動は下記にご覧になれます。

前売¥2000 当日¥2300(+ドリンク代)
ok city ok21時くらいスタートします。


NOW Magazineはトロントに行うライブにおすすめしてくれました。
それにok city okのCDに対していい評価にしてくれました。
在トロント日本国総領事館はホームページにok city okのライブを宣伝してくれました(!!)(6月13日までスクロールしてください。)
Thatradio.comはok city okに生放送のインタビューをしてくれました。(ここに聴けます)
Carlos Weisz氏がok city okのライブで素敵な写真を撮ってくれました。
Two Way Monologuesは複雑な心境を(「ボーカリストがLenny Kravitzを真似してた」と言い)表現しました。
NOW Magazineの方がok city okのライブに関してむしろ著しく率直に評価してくれました。(「ボーカリストがJoe Jacksonを真似していた」と言い)




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