ok city ok news: Catastrophe Update
March 2009

tour flyer 2009

Greetings, friends. We wish to inform you that we will be out of Japan for part of March. Please leave messages with the landlady, if you would.

Things kick off on March 12 in Brooklyn, NY with our friends Yours For Now and some other bands that we don't know but are sure are very nice. Then on March 13 we will go to Toronto for Canadian Music Week, even though we aren't Canadian and will only be there for a couple of days. After a bit of evasive maneuvering, we'll suddenly reappear back in NYC on March 17, to show New Yorkers how we celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Japan (by rocking mercilessly, is how). Then it's off to Austin TX for South By Southwest, where we'll lie low for a few days before striking twice in a single day, March 21, with a daytime show at a sushi bar (what could be more appropriate?) and then a more official-like showcase later that night. Several hours later we will be heading back to Japan.

ok city ok would also like to welcome back Ms. Tom Suzuki on bass.

ok city ok

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Continuing CD News:

ok city ok's 12-song CD made by elaborate process is available for download via iTunes. All you have to do is push this button:

Or, if you prefer the actual CD itself, it can be purchased through CD Baby for the same ridiculously low price of about 10 bucks.

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