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July 2009

tour flyer 2009

Greetings, friends of ok city ok. This coming Monday will be ok city ok's long-hoped-for final show. It is also a Japanese national holiday, though this day of celebration was established long before the announcement you are reading.

Last Show:
Monday July 20
Kichijoji Silver Elephant
We start at 6:00 in the PM
¥1300 Advance (contact ok city ok)
¥1500 Door

ok city ok

Frequently Posed Inquiries:

Q: Are you "breaking up"? Is this as hard to do as we've heard?
A: Well, we play very seldomly as it is. We've just decided to stop setting up shows for now.

Q: Were there feuds?
A: No. With the music scene in Tokyo as it is, it is just not feasible for us to play more than once every couple of months. We will instead take this time to reconnect with our first love, Mexican cooking.

Q: I heard someone quit.
A: Who told you that?

Q: I believe I am the one asking the questions, am I not?
A: Very well then. . . [Continued here]

Awesome T-shirts for sale at show:T-shirts




These also look smashing on men.

"One of last year's NXNE quiet successes, Japan's ok city ok return to the festival with a sophomore album in tow and plans to distribute it in North America. If this collection of distortion-fuelled spiky pop is any indicator, it's a well-laid plan. Texan expat Kay Grace brings along some weird wit, while drummer Y Shiva thrashes the skins and Tom Suzuki supplies guitar that veers from jarring and distorted to woozy and subtle. Soundchecking Soundgarden and as much as they paw Pavement, ok city ok's musical identity crisis is their strength." - Lucie Davies, NOW Magazine (Toronto)

Available for download via iTunes. All you have to do is find the button and click on it.

Or, if you prefer the actual CD itself, it can be purchased through CD Baby for the same ridiculously low price of about 10 bucks.


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