ok city ok:
made by elaborate process

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ok city ok研究室のCD "made by elaborate process"という予備段階の結果は Spontaneous Human Combustion (人体自然発火) (Chapter 1: she's literally on fire; Chapter 12: there's nothing I wouldn't do for love I haven't already done for spite)、強迫神経症 (Chapter 9: self-starter & Ch.10: dume)、境界性人格 (Ch.5: min & Ch.11: I'll give you money)、監視 (Ch.3: whirlybird)、宇宙人美容師による「整髪誘拐」(Ch.6: someone's been reading my horoscope)、に関する結論が含まれています。大虐殺や没落について伝統的なラブソングのI wanna be your lawyer, ferocious, "skeleton kiss" なども特集しています。

ok city ok: "made by elaborate process"